Since 2017 “Kleuren Turnen” was launched for Dutch gymnastics clubs and coaches. Now, it is time to introduce Colourful Gymnastics internationally! Colourful Gymnastics hopes to guide and to inspire coaches and to help gymnasts develop (methodical) gymnastics skills. The program is based on levels and each level is linked to a colour of the Rainbow. Thanks to Colourful Gymnastics gymnasts can develop at their own level, at their own pace, gain confidence, master basics and learn skills.

The recreational program starts at purple (Level 0) and offers drills and skills to work towards a back handspring, front walkover and front tuck in red (Level 5). Mainly in methodical situations, to keep the gymnasts safe, to help them focus on technique and to build towards even bigger skills in the future. The methodical program is based on this vision. Most skills are methodical, in stead of linked to a competition setting.

For example:
During routines recreational or less experienced gymnasts will have to run, make a front hurdle and perform a round off and stretched jump. That is a lot to handle and to think of in only a few seconds. In stead of performing a series, it is more interesting and more effective to start in a static beginning position and perform a round off and stretched jump, with hands in a trampoline. Since it is less complex and because the set up helps the gymnasts, it is more common to execute a round of better and with more technique. Therefore, it will be easier to add a back handspring in the (near) future.

Currently the program is for girls. Hopefully in the future the program will also be availably for boys.

Program overview

The product
As a club, club owner or coach it is possible to buy the program. You will receive:

  • An overview of all goals
  • A certificate for every colour
    • Notes to register scores
    • Excell sheet to register scores
  • A booklet for every colour
  • Videos and inspiration

You will receive all files (PDF) with your club logo on it.

Example files
Example certificate – Talent Development Program – Level 1
Example certificate – Talent Development Program – Level 5
Example booklet – Talent Development Program – Level 1
Example certificate – Recreational Program – Green
Example booklet – Recreational Program – Blue

By bying the product it is only allowed to use it internally.
When shared with other clubs or coaches, there will be consequences (check Terms & Conditions).

Price: € 699,00
The investment is once, since the club receives all files and is able to use it as often and as long as prefered.

Certificate Gymnastics Day
All certificates are linked to an event “Certificate Gymnastics Day”.. In stead of participating in a competition, the program Colourful Gymnastics offers a new manner of preparing for an event and showing development. During a Certificate event all girls show off their progress and skills, in a methodical set up.

The downsides of a competition are: first, athletes have to memorize a routine (which takes time), second, athletes have only one chance and all mistakes are count, third. only the best 3 girls win a medal and finally, most recreational, young talents & their parents do not understand a D(iffculty) and E(xecution) scoring system.

So therefore the Certificate Gymnastics Day is based on:

  • Showing progress, by showing methodical skills and goals, in stead of a routine.
  • They are allowed to try again (two chances).
  • The judges and coaches are allowed to give them feedback.
  • A methodical set up (in stead of competition set up) is more safe, more motivating and athletes can focus more on technique.
  • All athletes are rewarded with a medal. The least 33% gets bronze, the middle 33% gets silver and the best 33% wins gold.
  • All athletes get a diploma, which show what they have done and how good they did it.

Colourful Gymnastics App
In the near future you can find all inspiration & all videos related to the program in our “Colourful Gymnastics App”.


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